Custom Reports and Consulting

ND Insights offers additional services to meet the varied and specific needs of our clients regarding economic data evaluation and analysis and the incorporation of such information for decision-making and communications purposes.

The ND Insights platform contains significant amounts of data and the ability to present and evaluate that data in a plethora of views and perspectives not found in the Monthly Market Reports or Special Focus Reports. To include all of the possibilities would be overwhelming and provide difficult to use.

ND Insights can provide customized, targeted data output and evaluation along with unique perspective and analysis to meet specific goals and objectives of our clients. We utilize a collaborative approach to define the requirements, conduct the research and analysis and create the desired deliverables.

Legislative Communications Plan – ND Assoc. of Oil & Gas Producing Counties

The principals of ND Insights were contracted by the North Dakota Association of Oil and Gas Producing Counties (NDAOGPC) to assist with their 2015 Legislative Initiative. In early 2014, NDAOGPC laid out their 2015 legislative goals including modification of the oil and gas gross production tax (GPT) distribution formula to return more of the GPT to the local political subdivisions in western North Dakota.

ND Insights worked collaboratively with the NDAOGPC executive director and executive board members to draft the legislative strategy of the “60/40 GPT Distribution”, supporting economic research, and communications plan. Additionally, ND Insights principal, Brent Bogar, was contracted to lobby for the association during the 2015 session. NDAOGPC successfully achieved support for the 60/40 GPT Distribution in Governor Dalrymple’s budget and with a majority of the legislative body.

The resulting legislation proved to fall short of the 60/40 objective due in large part to slumping oil prices and declining state revenue projections. However, NDAOGPC describes the 2015 legislative session as successful and has positioned the association as a powerful influence in shaping policy.