ND Insights is a partnership between Jeff Zarling with DAWA Solutions Group and Brent Bogar with Jadestone Consulting. It was born out of years of working with businesses and political subdivisions on a variety of business and community development projects and initiatives during the explosive economic activity of the Bakken Boom from 2006 to 2014.

Deep and Diverse Exposure and Experience

As a business development firm based in Williston since 2002 and working with over 100 entities in western North Dakota, Jeff Zarling and DAWA saw the great need for connecting people and providing relevant, accurate information about the emerging activity in the Bakken. The result was the creation of the Bakken Investor Conference (2011-2013), the Bakken Housing Summit (May 2012), the Bakken Oil Product & Service Show (BOPSS), the Bakken Field Tours and Briefings, and the Bakken Construction News.

The conferences attracted 200 to 400 attendees including oil industry executives, stock analysts, private and institutional investors, business owners and managers in oil, real estate, and construction industries as well as state and local agencies and leaders. The events provided critical information on energy development, housing and real estate needs and opportunities, infrastructure resources and development and financial resources.

Zarling and his firm developed the Bakken Briefing and Field Tours in which he presented a four hour briefing on the background of oil development in North Dakota, evolution of the Bakken Shale Play, oil and gas industry operations, community infrastructure resources and development needs, and real estate development opportunities and activities. Nearly 500 people participated from 2012 to 2013 including investors, business developers, financial institutions, elected officials, state department leaders from throughout the state, nation and the world.

The Bakken Construction News was published bi-monthly by Zarling and DAWA for over two years from July 2013 to the end of 2015. The periodical provided news, information and analysis relevant to the construction industry and real estate investment markets throughout Western North Dakota and the Bakken Region. Readership included builders, developers, sub-contractors, product suppliers, investors, local and state political leaders, and area building and planning officials.

Just as the ND Insights platform began development, the North Dakota Association of Oil and Gas Producing Counties contracted with the team on a custom consulting project, the 2015 Legislative Initiative – 60/40 GPT Formula Change. Zarling and Bogar assisted the association’s leadership team throughout 2014 as they crafted the strategy and supporting data, documentation, and communication packet to lobby the 2015 legislature to modify the Gross Production Tax distribution formula to provide 60% distribution to the political subdivisions in oil and gas impacted counties. This successful work led the association to contract with Bogar and Jadestone Consulting to lobby on their behalf during the 2015 session.

Jadestone Consulting was formed in 2013 by Brent Bogar to provide leadership in the areas of technology, management, research and strategic planning. Jadestone Consulting has worked with a number of clients including community banks, small businesses, local governments, enterprise businessed and statewide organizations.

Bogar served on the Williston, ND city commission from 2007 until 2013. During this time he oversaw the portfolio of water, sewer, building, planning and zoning, and airport. Bogar was instrumental in the initiation of the new airport project that is undeway, and is still involved with the project. During the time on the commission he worked with others to form the Western Area Water Supply Authority and serverd as the vice-chair of the board. During the period of rapid growth while serving on the commission Bogar also worked closely with the department staff to find efficiencies, create new organizational structure and update ordinances to support community growth.

Prior to serving on the city commission Bogar was active in local and regional organizations, serving in leadership roles with Dakota School of Banking, a regional banking technology board, Graduate School of Banking advisory board, Renaissance Zone board, and various other community boards.

During the 2015 legislative session Bogar worked on behalf of the North Dakota Association of Oil and Gas Producing Counties. The consulting and research project that was completed prior to the session provided key data for the development of legislation, including the Gross Production Tax formula change and the "Surge" bill. In his role with the NDAOGPC, he worked closely with legislative leadership and other legislators to support the legislation that provided funding to the communities impacted by oil development. During the session, Bogar also developed relationships with key state officials and other business and government leaders.

This past decade plus of experience enables Jeff and Brent to bring a deep and diverse understanding of the markets and political environment along with a broad network of relationships that offer significant perspective and insight into the information they provide.